Friday, September 25, 2009

day 1

Okay, well the cleanse is under way.

I know that day one is tough and I do feel hungry and a bit a grouchy. No detox symptoms yet but I'd guess those will show up more tomorrow and the next day.

The Salt Water Flush was pretty brutal this morning. Not so much getting it down, that was easier than I had expected but it took about three hours before it left my system. I am going to try and use a bit more salt tomorrow to see if that helps.

The plan for the rest of the day is to go rent a bunch of movies. There are a few things in the theater I want to see but I want to just be at home in my pj's. I went to Michaels yesterday and bought some stuff to make myself a new scarf and also a bird feeder to stain when Tommy gets back. The scarf is going quick so if I have any yarn left, I was thinking I could use the same stuff to make one for Emily.

Anyway, I am trying to drink more lemonade this time around so that I feel better. Last time I drank so little. In all honesty though, I am definitely doing this with a weight loss motivation in mind so as I get through these first hard days, I am sure I will cut back a bit. Maybe also do some long walks this time too. Sauna at the gym. My system has got to be more toxic than it was last time so we'll see what happens.

Will keep you posted!

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