Monday, July 27, 2009

Another great weekend

It was a good weekend. A full weekend. I went to Comic-Con again for the third year in a row. An unfortunate lack of communication threw a bit of a snafu into the signing I was supposed to do but it all actually ended up working out for the best. I lagged a bit in the morning after taking in the sun of Redondo and a delicious wild mushroom omelet that Tommy made. It was hard to leave but I finally got on the road and made it to San Diego by 2:30ish. I got to check out the scene for a bit and boy was it a scene. I wish I could upload some of the photos I took with my phone (regular camera is broken). There were some great costumes this year and I screamed internally like a little girl when I walked past the entire cast of "True Blood".

I got to see an old friend and meet up with a few others who were also there. Then we did our signing from 5-7 and it was wonderful. It amazes me how many people out there get the dark and random humor that is "Dr. Tran". I did my first interview for a podcast and that was fun. I felt comfortable and (dare I say) witty. After the signing, I booked it back to get ready for Jesse's big birthday bash. It proved to be what we figured it would, one helluva good time. Ironically or not, I learned some good lessons and riffed with my boo for a long time about just how sweet it is to love one another. I'm believing in love in a totally different way and man oh man, it's just great.

Got a bit of a case of the "Mondays" as I desperately wish I was with Tommy in the waves NOW instead of after I get off work. The ocean water has been a delicious 70 degrees and we are trying to take full advantage of the opportunities to sun and move our bodies. I'm trying to get back into my exercise groove and it feels good.

I also did another VO job on Friday so that will be great help in making August a comfortable month financially. It amazes me how things work themselves out if you are patient. Regardless, I feel rich every day when I think of the happiness that is my life. It's nice when you can stop for a moment, think of all that you are blessed with and smile while no one is watching.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It was a fantastic fourth of July. I spent it with friends and loved ones on the Catalyst rooftop overlooking a handful of fireworks displays as music bumped from the B-52's that Tommy had installed under his handmade neon-green canopy. It is hard to remember when I have smiled continuously for such a long period of time. We started the music around 1:30 in the afternoon and it continued well past 3am. When have I danced so much? I don't know.

And the fun continues as friends filter into town and summer is in full bloom.

The weather has been mild. The love has been strong and the laughter plentiful. I continue to be impressed by the man in my life who never strays from his steadfast supply of sillyness, kindness and an uncanny ability to be clever. Where this goes, who knows but I sure am lucky to feel it.

I installed SKYPE on my computer at home and can now talk on a regular basis with my dad. To hear his voice coming through my laptop is at times surreal but I am ever so grateful to the technological advances that allow this reunion of familiarity.

Work is fine. Nothing to complain about really. The coffee stays strong and I am surprisingly focused as of late.

I continue to walk through a personal transition that I guess I am not yet ready to start blogging about. At this point, I'll just say that I am happy with my decision and aim to continue learning who I am and what is best for me.

Gratitude comes in all forms and from many places.