Friday, January 30, 2009

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best....

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air."

How beautiful is that on a sunny winter's day, such as today?

The office vents are working hard to keep up with the heat as I continue to drink more water. There is heat outside. It is clear, dry and energizing.

I'm letting a drink for my bamboo plant warm to room temperature and avoiding the things I should be doing here today. It's been a productive day in some weird ironic way. And I got the coolest news from Ed about doing some work on "Sympathy for Delicious" which would make me SAG eligible. Fuck yeah!

Sugarbuns and I were talking about good fortune basically taking a big old karmic cleveland steamer on us....Wow, I am gross....And the key is remembering that we both deserve it. We are both worth it and we both have every right to enjoy it. So I am going to enjoy all the great stuff that has been happening. Music, voiceover, film, artistic things in general, infatuation, food, friendship----soo soo good.

Thank you Universe.

sugarbuns enters the scene

wow, I met someone. And he's like, wow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

cheesy uplifting poem conjured in a moment of meditation

Hold your head up high, Woman
Don't be afraid to cry, Woman
Walk with your heart first, Woman
Quench your spiritual thirst, Woman

Look to the sky for inspriation, Woman
Move your body to perspiration, Woman
Don't rely on human power, Woman
Allow your love to flower, Woman

Trust your path in life, Woman
You're more than a man's wife, Woman
Give all that you can, Woman
Let God hold your hand, Woman.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

and things again become quiet

as I exhale....and remember myself. Sit alone. Do not dwell on the dreams of past and future.

Just being here.

I am not totally sure where this came from, this quiet. I did ask for some silence. Here it is. And I wish I was lying on a grassy hill somewhere, enjoying this freakishly sunny winter day, just staring at the birds and following the vapor trails as they fade into the blue. Trying not to think too much, or talk too much or say too much for fear of not having the chance.

Trust isn't as intoxicating as fantasy but it is more nourishing. So I trust my life and my path, in this moment of quiet serenity.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Higher than you thought?

Something about me mistrusts those who do not laugh at fart humor. What exactly is funny about it though? I don't think I can explain why trapped air coming out of your butt in a tonal way is somewhat hilarious to me. We all have a different sense of humor though and mine certainly includes the more "base" aspects of the human experience. Wonder what the "no answer" folks were thinking.....
I was farted on recently and it brought to mind many cute fart memories from the farty past. Maybe you should think of cute fart memories from your farty tell me that you aren't smiling?
So I am trying to re-align a little in the next few weeks. Got a few singing gigs coming up which should be a lot of fun and possibly great networking opps. Also want to get into a more regular exercise routine because, well, it's time.
Had a nice weekend. Pretty mellow with a nice chunk of fun thrown in the middle.