Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love this

And the somewhat amusing story that goes along with it is this:
I ran into this photo on the site, and instantly fell in love. I’ve been looking at how to make it into a t-shirt. I want to make it a nightgown so I can sleep with that crying little bunny. Fold into the fetal position as I spoon the image and let him know, “hey buddy, it’s all going to be juuuuuuuuuust fine…I know…I know….”.

Anyway, I was at the end of my work day yesterday trying to kill time before I headed into the traffic hell that is interstate 105 and I decided that I would print out a copy to decorate my new cubicle. We just moved last weekend from 6-9 in Admin West. Anyway, I first printed on my desktop in b/w but didn’t feel it really captured the sorrow and vulnerability that the color photo does. I was recently networked to two or three other printers so I started printing to another copier in color. Went to find it but oddly enough, nothing. Printed to another copier, same thing…I still can’t find the numerous other prints and eventually concluded that there may be some issue with my network pathways. Although I was concerned that this photo was going to end up in a report to the Mayor or something (resulting in my termination), I still think it is humorous to think of who, if anyone, might have come across them. What would they think? My hope is that they think it is a message from the copier itself, condemning them for their lack of “green consciousness” or perhaps they hold a deep dark secret gnawing at their soul and who other but bunny grabs hold of that scabby calloused denial and rips it off birthing them into reality?

Maybe we’ll never know.